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Tips For Gambling at a Casino


A great way to show your appreciation for the staff at a Casino is to give them a tip. Since dealers are paid a minimum wage, they are expected to earn tips when you win a big game. While tipping is not mandatory, some casinos suggest you give them as much as 10% of your net win. This tip is generous, and can even be in the form of a chip for the change person. The money you give them can then be exchanged for free slot play or other special benefits, like free or discounted meals, drinks, and even tickets to shows. Comp programs can also be a valuable marketing tool for casinos, since they can create databases of patrons and use that information to target advertising and track trends.

To avoid bankrupting yourself, you should never gamble more than you can afford to lose. Whenever you enter a casino, only take cash; leave your bank cards at home. Never try to win back money you lose at the casino unless you have enough money to do so. Then, set a time limit for your visit. If you can, use a pre-commitment facility. Casinos often have rules to avoid overspending.

The casinos have elaborate security measures. Security personnel watch the entire casino from the ceiling and watch patrons from every window and doorway. Cameras are adjusted to focus on any suspicious patrons. Security guards also record the video feeds so they can review them later. A casino’s slot machines are also automated; they use computer chips to determine payouts. There is no need for a supervisor to oversee the slot floor; the casino employs a security team to monitor these employees.