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How Casinos Affect the Local Economy


A new casino can have a significant effect on unemployment rates in the area. Local officials should ask whether the work force of the casino will be local or from outside the area. In urban areas, there may be enough skilled local labor to keep the economy growing, but in rural areas, most of the jobs are performed by people who do not live in the area. Still, the tax revenue that a casino generates is a major benefit for local economies.

Many casinos have elaborate surveillance systems in place to keep track of patron behavior. There are cameras positioned throughout the casino, including in the ceiling, and they can be adapted to focus on suspicious patrons. They record their video feeds to review later. The casino is also protected by computer chips, which determine the payouts on slot machines. The result is that there is no one on the slot floor to monitor the games. However, there are many ways to circumvent this, including using a cellular phone.

One important aspect of security in a casino is its lack of clocks. Unless the casino is using a cellular phone to keep track of the time, it will be impossible for any person to know exactly what time it is. The same goes for the rules of conduct. It is recommended that players keep their cards visible at all times and be aware of any dangers. Even if they win, they will be likely to walk away with less money than they initially came in with.